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CH I See You Iceflower Of Nordica

Call name: Icy
Sex: Bitch
Born: 27/08/1996
Colour: gray & white , brown eyed

Owner: Kennel of Nordica
Hips and eyes tested, found free

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3rd Generation
4th Generation
Koroka Erik "Nanook"
Innisfree's North Nanook
Innisfree's Paddington
Innisfree's Landrover
CH Innisfree's Turf Fire
GH Innisfree's Silver Harvest
Innisfree's Torch O Tamarlane
Innisfree's Tiara O Tamarlane
CH Tai-Mir Of Wolf Gold Girl
CH Kontoki's Leave it to Beaver
CH Kontoki's A Mark In Time
CH Kontoki's Hot Lips
Tai-Mir Of Wolf Gold Cay
CH Kontoki's All In Good Time
Amulett Jilka
Amulett Inca
CH Athaskanay's Iotshy
Bundas Boston Blazer
CH Innisfree's Pegasus
Sundonan's Natonya Of Bundas
Athaskanay's Gishiga
CH Innisfree's Savage Sun
Red Kiana Of Alta Vista
Vanda Of Schiboj
Pyrrhus du Lichen Bleu
Tofty's Toklat
Chilkoot Moonlight
Katja Of Oimjakon
Gamblers Choice Of Alka-shan
First Moonlight Of Oimjakon


BISS CH, JCH Love Me Do of Nordica
CH Million Miles Away from Nordica
CH One Mo' Miracle of Nordica
Multi CH Nike is Exploring Nordica
CH Pinch Me I am Dreaming of Nordica
HJCH Precious Pepper of Nordica
Painted Beauty of Nordica


Show Judge Reesult
Nagyvázsony CAC (1997.06.08.) Dr. Faluhelyi Magdolna (H) Excellen II., Junior class
Club Show CAC (1998.03.29.) Alice Christensen (DK) CAC
Ópusztaszer CAC (1998.05.01.) Soós Attila (H) CAC
Budapest CACIB ( 1998.05.03.) Harsányi Péter (H) R.CAC
Győr CAC (1998.06.14.) Kincses András (H) R.CAC
Miskolc CAC (1999.04.25.) Gellén Tibor (H) CAC
CAC Club Show HHK (1999.05.14.) Kathleen Kanzler (USA) Excellent 6
Szarvas CAC, (1999.06.06.) Erdős László (H) CAC
Szentes CAC (1999.06.20.) Zeidl József (H) CAC, BOB
Budapest CAC (1999.06.27.) Csépai István (H) CAC
Budapest, Christmas Show CAC (FR) CAC
Lajosmizse CAC Clubshow (12.09.2003 Polgár András (YU) CAC, best veteran
CAC, Derby Budapest (22.11.2003) Jakkel Tamás (HU) CAC, BOB, BIS 2 Veterán
Pápa, CAC (02.05.2004.) Dr Szilágyi Judit (H) CAC, best veteran, Veteran CH
Tata, CACIB (30.10.2005) Zeidl József (H)

Csépai István (H)

CAC, best veteran, Veteran BIS 3

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