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HJCH Pinch Me I am Dreaming of Nordica

Top Young male of 2004

Champion of Champions 2004

Call name: Reeba
Sex: Dog
Born: 29/03/2003
Colour: red & white, amber eyed

Eyes tested, found free
Owner: Dreamcather kennel, Terry Brent (UK)

Reeba won Champion of Champions, BOB and BOG titles at the annual Champion Show show!

Our gentle boy joined his owners in the U.K. on the 18th of June. Good luck for him and all at Dreamcatcher!

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Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation
CH Wild Wild West Explorer CH Artic Blue Explorer Artic Blue Jabbar CH Artic Blue Trail Blazer
CH Artic Blue Ice-Christal
Artic Blue Lady Stenson CH Catstan's Running With The Devil
CH Wood-Winds Autumn Haze
CH Artic Blue Pretty CH Artic Blue Dallas Cowboy CH Catstan's Running With The Devil
CH Wood-Winds Autumn Haze
CH Palmbeach of Artic Sun CH Nivek Bits 'n Pieces
CH Snowmist Rebbellion Vishnu
CH I See You Iceflower Of Nordica Koróka Erik Innisfree's North Nanook Innisfree's Paddington
CH Innisfree's Silver Harvest
CH Tai-Mir of wolf Gold Girl CH Kontoki's Leave it to Beaver
Tai-Mir of Wolf Gold Cay
Amulett Inca  HCH Athaskanay's Iotshy Bundas Boston Blazer
Athaskanay's Gishiga
Vanda of Schiboj Pyrrhus du Lichen Bleu
Katja of Oimjakon



12.09.2003/Clubshow Lajosmizse (H) Polgár András  Baby 2.
13.09.2003./CAC Lajosmizse (H) Mrs Carmin Kingston (AUS) Baby 2.
22.11.2003./CAC DERBY Budapest (H)
Jakkel Tamás (H)
Best Baby in breed
31.01.2004/CACIB Budapest (H) Juan Naveda y Carrero (E) HPJ, Best Junior in breed, BOB
11.04.2004./CACIB Miskolc (H) Stefan Sinko (SLO) HPJ, Best Junior in breed
06.06.2004/CAC Szolnok (H) Dr. Faluhelyi Magdolna (H) HPJ
11.09.2004/Clubshow Kecskemét Elina Hapaaniemi (SF) Clubwinner male
12.09.2004/CACIB Kecskemét Miklós Levente (H) CAC, CACIB
10.2005/CACIB Budapest Monique van Bremt (B) CAC, CACIB, BOB
12.12.2005/CHAMPION SHOW Budapest Steffi Kirchbichler (H)

Hans Muller (D)

Champion of Champions, BOB, BOG
05.02.2005 / CACIB Budapest Miklós Levente (H) CAC, CACIB
Eurodog Show 05.06.2005 Tulln, Austria Excellent
Dunstable C.S. Open Show/10.07.2005 ? ? BOB, Group 4, First Prize Open Stakes

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