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Adopt a dog


We would like to help even more the homeless dogs especially Siberians and other Nordic breeds. Up to now we tried and sponsored dog shelters with dog food, also whenever we got a phonecall about a dog in trouble we spread the word about them through all possible channels and fortunately had quite a lot success stories.

Now we decided to add a page to our website and showing the dogs that can be adopted. Please if you know of a dog that is in trouble or in shelter send us a mail with the details you know and preferably also a picture of the dog and we upload to this site as soon as we can.

Here is our first Siberian waiting for adoption:


3 -4 years old Siberian male

Although they are not Siberians, I think they deserve a chance

Phone: 00-36-205384014 



Please contact us for more details:

This page is last updated: 09.08.2004