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HJCH Precious Pepper of Nordica

Call name: Pepsi
Sex: Bitch
Born: 29/03/2003
Colour: gray & white, brown eyed

Owner: Nordica and Timber's Kiddy  kennels





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Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation
CH Wild Wild West Explorer CH Artic Blue Explorer Artic Blue Jabbar CH Artic Blue Trail Blazer
CH Artic Blue Ice-Christal
Artic Blue Lady Stenson CH Catstan's Running With The Devil
CH Wood-Winds Autumn Haze
CH Artic Blue Pretty CH Artic Blue Dallas Cowboy CH Catstan's Running With The Devil
CH Wood-Winds Autumn Haze
CH Palmbeach of Artic Sun CH Nivek Bits 'n Pieces
CH Snowmist Rebbellion Vishnu
CH I See You Iceflower Of Nordica Koróka Erik Innisfree's North Nanook Innisfree's Paddington
CH Innisfree's Silver Harvest
CH Tai-Mir of wolf Gold Girl CH Kontoki's Leave it to Beaver
Tai-Mir of Wolf Gold Cay
Amulett Inca  HCH Athaskanay's Iotshy Bundas Boston Blazer
Athaskanay's Gishiga
Vanda of Schiboj Pyrrhus du Lichen Bleu
Katja of Oimjakon


Christmas Clubshow/20.12.2003. Budapest Mrs. Lisbeth Mach   (CH) Best Baby in breed /Res BIS Baby
CACIB Budapest/31.01.2004. Budapest Juan Naveda y Carrero (E) HPJ - Best Young Female
CACIB Budapest/01.02.2004. Budapest Soós Attila (H) HPJ - Best Young Female
CAC /16.05.2004 Hodmezovasarhely Csepai Istvan (H) HPJ - Best Young Female
CAC/06.06.2004 Szolnok Dr. Faluhelyi Magdolna HPJ
CAC/15.08.2004 Hatvan Dr. Roberto Schill (RO) HPJ, BOB
Clubshow /11.09.2004 Kecskemét Elina Hapaaniemi (SF) HPJ, Junior Clubwinner, Res. Junior BIS
CACIB/12.09.2004 Kecskemét Miklós Levente (H) HPJ, Junior BOG, Res. BOD
CACIB/09.10.2004 Budapest    
CAC Derby /23.11.2004 Budapest   Derby winner
Champion Show /12.12.2004 Budapest   Champion female II.

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