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Junior handlers in Nordica kennel

We have two daughters, Fanny and Kitty and as they grow they are more and more involved in the world of breeding and showing dogs. Below you can see some of their successes.

That is how we started....

...but we worked it out
The above picture is showing Kitty with Icy winning Best Junior handler title

Kitty was placed 3rd with CH Exy the Eskimo of Nordica

Fanni won 2nd best Junior handler title with Happy

Kitty won Best Junior Handler title with Happy at our Clubshow 2002

Fanny was Best Junior handler among 9-13 year olds at Szilvasvarad
in the greatest competition she ever faced. She was handling Mira  (CH One Mo' Miracle of Nordica) and they made a really good team! A big thank you for Janni for letting Fanny to handle Mira!
Well done Fanny!

Fanny was the second among all Junior handlers 9-17 yrs at Szilvasvarad (52 competitor).
Keep up the good work we are damned proud of you!

Kitti won second place and ....

... third place at Lajosmizse Clubshow
and she was beaten by her sister... Fanny

Who won first place both days!  It is great to be the mother of these two!


At the last show of 2003 Fanny was placed third with Neekka

while Kitty took first place with her greatest friend, Icy.

At the first double International Show Kitty did it again. First day she was placed second while the second day she took the first place. Both days she was handling Exy. Thank you for Andrea, Exy's owner for letting Kitty handle this gorgeous old lady.

As you see it was Fanny's turn and she made it. She won best Junior Handler title at the national show at Papa. Well done fanny!

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