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CH Friendly Frida Is The Favourite of Nordica

Call Name: Bonnie
Sex: Bitch
Born: 10/06/1995
Colour: light red/white, blue eyed
Owner: Bonifert Tamás


Bonnie became a "working girl"! A Champion who is working in a sled team!

3rd Generation
4th Generation
Int.CH Tai-Mir Of Wolf
Silver Grizli
Kontoki's Leave It To Beaver
CH Kontoki's A Mark In Time
CH Kontoki's One Mo' Time
Kontoki's Messi Bessi
CH Kontoki's Hot Lips
CH Kontoki's One Mo' Time
CH Bundas Boston Amanda
Tai-Mir Of Wolf Gold Cay
CH Kontoki's All In Good Time
CH Kontoki's One Mo' Time
Kontoki's Midnight Sashay
Amulett Jilka
CH Athaskanay's lotshy
Ulita Of Schiboj
Amulett Inca
CH Athaskanay's Iotshy
Bundas Boston Blazer
CH Innisfree's Pegasus
Sundonan's Natonya Of Bundas
Athaskanay's Gishiga
CH Innisfree's Savage Sun
Red Kiana Of Alta Vista
Vanda Of Schiboj
Pyrrhus du Lichen Bleu
Tofty's Toklat
Chilkoot Moonlight
Katja Of Oimjakon
Gamblers Choice Of Alka-shan
First Moonlight Of Oimjakon


Knight of the Night of Nordica
K.C. is Keen on You of Nordica -- 2x HPJ, Young Club winner
K.G. Knows It of Nordica
Knick-Knack Kaylen of Nordica
Kirsty Keep it Up Of Nordica


Budapest CAC Derby (17.11.96), Csepai Istvan -- R.CAC
Club Show (29.03.97), Erdos Laszlo -- CAC, Club-Winner bitch
Nagyvazsony CAC (08.06.97), Dr. Faluhelyi Magdolna -- CAC
Szekesfehervar CACIB (29.06.97), Soos Attila -- R.CAC
Pecs CACIB ( 13.07.97), Kincses Andras -- R.CAC
Dombovar CAC (19.10.97), Csepai Istvan -- CAC
Budapest CAC Derby (23.11.97), Erdos Laszlo -- R.CAC
Balassagyarmat CAC (30.08.98), Soos Attila -- CAC
Budapest CACIB (15.10.98), Janus Opara (PL) -- CAC, R.CACIB
Budapest CAC Derby (19.11.98), Harsanyi Peter -- CAC
Club Show CAC (07.03.99), Wesna Slabinac (CR) -- CAC
Club Show CAC, (20.03.99), Harsanyi Peter --CAC, Club-Winner
Champion Show, MKSZ (27.03,99), Sebestyen Janosne -- Champion of Champions