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The most common misconception about Siberian Huskies and, frankly, most of their Nordic cousins, is they have no sense and no inteligence. To label the breed so indicates that the speaker knows nothing about Siberians.

Just what is canine intelligence? It is the willingness to obey every human command without question? The Siberian does not think so, and he conveys his opinion on this most brazenly each day. No, to the Siberian and to those who love him, the inteligent dog is the one who decides for himself, according to his own thoughts at that moment, whether he will obey.

Such behaviour is actually an ancient gift of survival to the human species, most clearly illustrated by the Siberian Husky's sled dog heritage.

The Siberian Husky is one of the most beautiful dogs. Over the years the Siberian Husky has become a popular dog among pet owners. Much of the reason for its popularity lies with its striking appearance. They are very clean breed, with little or no doggy odor, and require very little grooming except during the shedding season when their undercoat comes out in profuse amounts. Most Siberian love people, including strangers, and do not make good watchdogs. In his relations with strange dogs, the Siberian Husky displays friendly interest and gentlemanly decorum. If attacked, however, he is ready and able to defend himself, and can handle the aggressor with dispatch. They have inherited a strong desire to run, and must be kept in a fenced enclosure or on lead at all times. In comparison to other burebred dogs, they are basically a very hardy and healthy breed. They thrive on less food than many breeds of comparable size. They have an upbeat, happy attitude about life, ready to take its challenges head on. It is charming to observe the special appeal that Siberian Huskies and children have for each other.

Siberians are gregarious pack animals. They demand activity, companionship, beeing in the middle of what's going on. They get bored easily if left to their own amusements, will create their own fun which is likely to destroying the garden or digging out of the fenced yard, and finally look for escape. Beeing athletic, they need exercise and space to run. Siberians are keen and efficient hunters and killers. Cannot be trusted with non-canine pets of any sort.Their independence, combined with keen inteligence, make them unwilling to be slavish followers of a master;s every whim. They learn quickly, but they obey only when it pleases them. Unlike some breeds of dogs, the Siberian is very adaptable to new situations. For this reason, older dogs normally adjust very well to a new family, so do not hesitate to consider an older Siberian; although you might miss the "cute puppy stage" you will miss a lot of the puppy hassles as well!

The husky is believed to have been developed by the Chukchi people who settled in the Kolyma river basin in Northern Siberia. A medium sized working dog the Husky is pound for pound the toughest draft dog around. The Siberian Husky has a soft smooth coat with a dense downy undercoat. Common colours are silver grey, black, red and chocolate brown all with white underparts. Males weight 45-60 lbs and females from 40-50 lbs. Anyone with an interest in aquiring a sibe should first learn as much about the breed as they can. Many prospective dog owners make the mistake of assuming that the Sibe is like any other dog. This could not be further from the truth, for they can sometimes be a stubborn dog when it comes to training. However they are very very affectionate and highly inteligent it can be said that a Siberian Husky will share your life as a friend, not as dog and master. Finally here is my favourite qoutation from Jamesa Maulden, Syntari Siberians: -- If you tell my Sheltie to jump off of a cliff, he will obediently do so. If you tell my Siberian to jump off of a cliff, he will say "After you, Mom." Now you tell me, which dog is smarter?